Locus keeps switching back to online maps

Michael shared this question 2 years ago

Hi there,

a quick question. My wife is using the free version of Locus Maps. We installed an offline map and activated it, its displaying beautifully. However, when we close the app and reopen it, Locus goes back to an online map and tries to download it. In my wifes case it wont download it since we disabled the download. It just shows something along the lines of "map not available", which makes sense.

However, we want Locus Maps to automatically load the offline map every time we start the app. How do we do that?

I personally have Locus Maps Pro and it works on my phone. I cant remember if there was a setting for this somewhere.

Can anyone help? :(

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Good day Michael,

first question that comes into my mind, is how do you "close a Locus Map"? Are you using double tap on back button, so Locus notify you with small green button "Press back again to close"? If not, try this method, then wait a few seconds (at least 5) and open Locus again. Hope this helps.

Closing Locus by terminating by swipe in list of applications is not best method how to terminate more complex apps. Let me please know if it helped.


Hey Menion,

thank you for your reply! Most of the time, at least as far as I can remember, we closed Locus Map by hitting the Home button on the phone (not sure what its called on Android ;)) and then swipeing it of the applications list. When I opened up Locus Map this morning on my wifes phone it opened the offline map right away, I dont know why. We didnt do anything different then yesterday. Nevertheless it seems to work now. ;)

Thank you for your tip with the two back-button-taps though!! I will definately keep that in mind. Didnt know that this was the better option to close an app. :)

Best regards,



Hello Michael,

I'm not saying that you method how to close apps is bed. To be true, it is a problem of application developer if app is not able to close properly with this method. Unfortunately more complex app = more tasks that needs to be done when closing. And because Locus needs quite a lot of tasks to do before closing, best method is double tap on back button!

Hope this helps. Have a nice day,