Locus map 3.18.7 crash on startup with Android 4.2.1

Matthias Schmidt shared this problem 5 years ago

I love your software. I really do. I use it daily.

But now it's gone since the upgrade to v 3.18.7.

It dies on startup with the attached logcat.

Please help me. I've already deleted the cache and all the data - to no avail. It crashes on startup :-(

Please try to contact me to get things sorted out...

Files: log.txt

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Good day Matthias,

sorry to hear about such troubles. Thanks anyway for attached log, it make whole process faster.

I'm anyway really surprised by what I see in log from you. In log is information that on your device is missing one function that should be anyway included in Locus itself. Expect you use official version from Google Play?

It looks like incorrectly generated Locus version, but in this case, you are only one who use it, which is not truth. Today we plan to publish new version with some fixes, so please let me know if new version will works. Thanks


Hi Menion,

thanks for the reply! I do indeed use the regular version from the Google Play store. I would not dare to do otherwise.

I'll wait for the new version and give it a go - I'll keep you updated whether this solves my issue.

Thanks for the help,



Yipiehhh! Version 3.18.9 fixes the crash problem! I'm going to test the track-recording ASAP and get back to you. Thanks for your support!


Well, surprising for me to be true.

I'm really glad Locus Map works for You now, as I had no idea how to solve mentioned problem. Hope there will be no more such problems! Have a nice end of summer and enjoy finally working Locus Map ;).

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