Locus MAp app icon badge always shows 1 unread alert

Ricardo Rodríguez shared this question 2 years ago

Hi! Running Locus Map on a Galaxy A50 fully updated. When Locus Map is running, an app icon badge showing one alert is always shown. Please, how could I read the alert corresponding to this warning? When I launch the application nothing but the maps appears on the screen.


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I think I can answer now my own recent question! This alert is associated with Locus Map running as a service. Sorry for the noise! Once I turn off this feature and dismiss the notification on Android, the badge doesn't appear any longer. Thanks for your time!


Hello Ricardo,

in the description of this notification is information that "Run Locus Map as service" right? Hope it is visible on all devices.

This feature should help to keep Locus Map alive on devices, that has problems with it. As a side effect > this notification have to be permanently visible.

I'm glad you found a reason of it, perfect.


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