Locus Map crashes whenever I "Share (GPX file)"

Sam Drake shared this problem 2 years ago

Whenever I try to share a GPX file by selecting "Share (GPX file)", Locus Map instantly crashes. I can see the tracks in Locus Map, and I can export them to Google Earth. But trying to create a GPX file always crashes.

This is on my Pixel. Using the same app on an old Nexus 7 tablet CAN export GPX files, but of course I need to get the tracks I recorded on my Pixel out where I can use them.

The Google app store says I have the latest version. Let me know if I can help debug this!

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Good day Sam,

I received report of this problem on Android 8.0 devices last week. Thanks to one user, issue should be already fixed in latest Beta version. New release of Locus Map app is planned most probably on Wednesday this week. Let me know after update, if there will be still any problem ( hope it won't ).

Thank you and sorry for a complications.