Locus Map for Garmin does not work anymore (on Vivoactive 3).

Walther Schubert shared this problem 11 months ago

After starting it shows only "IQ" with an exclamation mark.

I already freshly installed both parts on Vivoactive and the smart phone respectively.

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Hello, am I guessing right that you have FW 6.60 in your watch? Garmin have issue in this FW preventing proper app instalation. Please update SW of your vivoactive 3 to latest version and try to install the app again.

(Same thing for Fenix 6 users with FW 2.20..)


Thanks for your quick reply.

Actually I tried it again this morning and just in this moment a software update for the watch installed and thereafter also the Locus Map app works again.

Thanks for the support.

Viele Grüße

Walther Schubert

Thu Oct 24 10:55:08 GMT+02:00 2019 Locus Map <>: