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Locus Map Pro is constantly swithing to Android GPS menue

Reinhold F. shared this problem 5 years ago

Yesterday evening I had a discussion with Menion in another topic.

After update to 3.37.1 (previous version unknown, maybe 2 to 3 weeks old), Locus wasn't showing the GPS disabled warning. After some seconds the Android GPS config menue appears.

Closing the menu took me back to Locus. Seconds later the config menu came back -> infinite loop :(

After closing Locus, enabling GPS, starting Locus with GPS enabled all was fine.

So, I closed Locus again, disabled GPS, started Locus, the warning about GPS disabled appears and disappers after some seconds. As expected. I stopped and startet Locus several times with GPS disabled, no more strange behavior.

Today I was playing around with some maps. Locus worked fine, but after I switched to my mail client and back to Locus, the error was back. After some seconds the Android GPS menu appears, after closing and getting back to Locus, seconds later .... trapped in the infinit loop :(

And Yes, I can reproduce it.

As soon as I switch to another application and back to Locus, the error is there again. I have to stop Locus and start it again to use it without interruption.

Are there any logfiles I can provide?

Locus Pro 3.37.1

Android 7.1.1

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