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Locus Map Pro Track Recording Profile not switching

LanceMitrex shared this problem 5 years ago

Hello, I have been using 4 different Track Recording Profiles. Somewhere in the past version or so, the Track Recording Profile selection page stopped working correctly. I can change from CAR to Geocaching and the distance, time, and color of the track remains set on CAR. The only way I found to get the selection to change, properly, is to go into the Geocaching Profile, re-elect he track color and Save, Then the Track Recording Profile will change.

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could you please describe step-by-step the way you change the recording profiles? Is it during the track recording? If yes, the line color doesn't change until you stop the recording in one profile, switch to another and restart the recording - time/distance parameters change during recording.


Michal Stupka


Hi Michal;Here's what I do with Locus Map Pro;

1. Select "CAR" Track Recording Profile. 37FT & 2Sec.

2. CAR Track Recording Profile Color: Bright Lime Green.

3. Track is Recording a Bright Lime Green Track.

4. Now, for some Geocaching. Stop the car. 

5. Select the Menu Bar, 3 Horizontal Lines in the top left Corner.

6. Select "Settings"

7. Select "Track Recording"

8. Select "My Geocaching" Track Recording Profile. 1FT or 1Sec, Bright Orange Color.

9. Locus Map Pro responds: "Profile My Geocaching Set"

10. Select Left Arrow to go back to Settings.

11. Select Left Arrow to go back to Map Display.

12. Locus Map Pro still displays the Bright Lime Green track of the CAR Track Recording Profile.

13. The Track Recording parameters are still 37FT & 2 Sec.

14. Nothing has changed. "Profile My Geocaching Has Not been Set, anywhere.

15. This used to work, fine and dandy-like. It now works as follows:

16. Pause / Un-Pause the track recording.

17. Now the Track Recording is set for 1FT or 1 Sec.

18. The recorded track is still Bright Lime Green, indicating that the Track Profile has not changed.

19. In the past versions, The color of the track changed also. That's how I knew that I was still in My Geocaching rather than CAR, as I drove down the highway.

Thank You,

Lance Mitrex.

On Tue, May 2, 2017 at 5:55 AM, Locus Map wrote:


Hi Lance,

thanks for the update. The issue with non-changing color of the recording profile line is a bug - we'll see to it. However, other parameters (distance and/or time of trackpoints) do change without issue - are you positively sure they don't change in your Locus? I'm not able to simulate it - my recording profiles parameters change when I switch between two different profiles during track recording.



If I Recall, Tapping on a Track Recording Profile changed the Profile immediately.  There was no need to hit PAUSE and then unPAUSE to actually change  the Track Recording Profile. Also, automatically,  the color of the track would change to the newly selected Track Recording Profile. 

 Thank you 


On May 3, 2017 03:10, "Locus Map" wrote:


yes, the profile changes just by tapping another profile in the track recording settings - the only issue is with the line color which doesn't change when it should


Well, so it sounds like I need to tap PAUSE and then unPAUSE to get the Track Recording Profile to actually change, and even with that the track color remains unchanged.

    In the past, I could change Track Recording Profiles immediately, including the color of the track, no need to PAUSE  / UnPAUSE  the current track. 

On May 3, 2017 8:00 AM, "Locus Map" wrote:


As I have written, the profile changes just by tapping another profile in the track recording settings without need to pause it - the only issue is with the line color which doesn't change when it should - that is a bug that we are going to fix ASAP.


Yes, you're correct, the Track Recording Profile changes automatically when the GPS position updates, or the Map Layers control is pulled out. The color of the track stays one color and does  not follow the color of the currently selected Track Recording Profile 

 Thank you, lancemitrex

On May 3, 2017 9:50 AM, "Locus Map" wrote:


So the line color issue has been fixed - it'll come into effect in the next Locus version


k. Thank you

On May 4, 2017 2:35 AM, "Locus Map" wrote:

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