Locus Maps Export of points to external memory (SD card) fails

ricardo quasu shared this problem 6 years ago
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Trying to export my favorite points to external SD card on Android 5.1.1 directly from Locus Maps, but the operation fails. It is related to permissions to write to external card. I can repeat the same task to the phone's internal memory, and it works fine. So far I did the export to the phone local memory, then copied the file to external SD card. Please solve the permissions. Thank you.

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I think it's not a a Locus fail.

Google search for "SD card on Android 5.1.1" you are not alone.

Consider the option of rooting your phone.


"As for Android Lollipop (5.0+) Google has given developers the use a new

API that asks the user to confirm to allow access to specific folders

for the application, but it needs to be implemented by the developer

into their application for it to work. This should allow applications

access to the set location by the user."

can you guys have Locus Maps declare the external storage for Lollipop OS?


Hello ricardo,

thanks for a bug-report. This is anyway already an third post during last days, where you repeat a problem with permissions in new version of Android. Anyway situation is not so simple and information you read, that "developers may ask for permission to write to SD card" is also not 100% true.

Anyway I see a problem in Locus, that it incorrectly allow to select such directory, where it's not possible to write into it. Anyway this is not a problem at all, it's how it's done in Locus. So shortly, sorry for a troubles, but direct export to SD card is not possible on new Android from Locus itself.

As Lorenzo wrote above, this is one possible solution. Or you may read about these troubles here:

Thanks for understanding.

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