Locus maps offline tiles are blocked in distinctive scales

Andreas Hirsch shared this problem 7 months ago
In Progress

My locus maps offline tiles are blocked in distinctive scales at least since yesterday without changing the settings . The tiles are visible in larger and smaller scales but not in between. The blocked tiles are subscribed with a question: Does your request meet the usage policy?

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Dear Andreas,

I'm sorry for troubles. I guess that the problematic map isn't offline but online map (maybe you use a map overlay feature over offline Lo|Maps). The error message comes from Wanderreit map service that block the access. It seems that the Wanderreit map provider changed the tile usage policies that affect you. If possible, please do not use Wanderreit map - for example LoMaps are generated from the same data. If is the wanderreit vital for you it's possible to purchase unlock key at (purchased key can be used in Locus)

BTW: could I ask you how often do you use the Wanderreit map? Is there possibility that you browse the problematic scales in last day?

The block should takes 24 hours. Please let me know if map is visible after this period

Thank you