Locus on Chromebook Google Drive authentication error

Will Dashwood shared this problem 17 months ago
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I've just started using Locus (Pro) on my Chromebook Pixel and it seems to work fine except when trying to gain authorisation for my Google Drive. I get the error "Unsupported file format..." as shown in the screenshot.

Any ideas?


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Good day Will,we already received one more same issue, but unfortunately users wrote us that it is not possible to a) create a bug report log by the same method as on Android and b) install custom APK app version that will print more information into a log.

Without a log or test over special version, I have unfortunately absolutely no idea how to solve this problem. Any chance you have rooted Chromebook device?


I would be happy to do what I can to help debug the issue. Sounds like installing a custom APK might be the best way to debug it unless you know of a way to create a bug report without entering developer mode?


Good day Will,

I'm not 100% sure that this method will work because I just made it, but we may try it if you have few minutes.

  1. sign for Beta test of Locus Map Free:
  2. install Locus Map Free from Google Play, it should now offer Beta version
  3. start and initialize the application
  4. enable Expert settings by: long click on "main menu" button (top left corner) and in the menu that appears tap on "Expert settings"
  5. now open app settings > Expert settings (at bottom) > enable Log to file

Uff, now various logs may be stored in Locus/logs directory.

So try your login to Google Drive. After error appears, check if there is some log in the mentioned directory and if so, attach it here. Thank you!