Locus Pro app just dies

Žanas Gudlevičius shared this question 5 months ago

Hey, so recently after changing my phone to OnePlus 6T and installing Locus app i can not use it for more than 10min. I start track recording, turn off my phones screen, it works as i mentioned for like 10min, then just dies. When i reopen the app, it says there are unfinished tracking, it shows the path taken earlier and i can press record and it start recording again. And that just repeats itself. I even added Locus to my battery optimization setting, but no luck. Is there any way i can troubleshoot more thoroughly this behavior with event loging or smth? Thank you.

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Ok, i solved it. Basically the problem was that Oneplus 6T has this option of 'Deep optimization' that i guess just ignores programs set to not optimize. After turning this setting off Locus worked as expected. That's a relief, 'cause i really like this app.