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Locus Pro crashing when opening cache details and browsing details

Alexander Hrncir shared this problem 6 years ago

Like the title already says. klicking on a cache on the map and looking for details (like listing, waypoints, logs and so on) causes crashes very often. its very annoying but I can imagine that this problem isnt very common... is there a possibility to send a log when it crashes?

also I wanted to ask, if there is a possibility to download pictures (like spoiler pictures but also photologs of loggers) when downloading the caches

Thank you and regards

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Good day Alexander,

I believe that your crashes in geocaching screen will be related to this problem: . If so, then issue will be solved in next version. Otherwise, how to create a debug log: . Sorry for a troubles.

And downloading other then pictures in listing (and spoilers) is not possible now.

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