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Locus Pro freezes after screen off/on

drxkz shared this problem 8 years ago

I have the Locus Pro on my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact configured with "Always screen on" and "Disable screen lock".

With this configuration, I turn the screen on/off with the on/off button of the phone.

During geocaching, when I turn the screen off, and when I afterwards turn it on again and want to use the Location Selector or Coordinates function, Locus Pro freezes.

Typical scenario is as follows:

  1. Locus is running with screen off
  2. Turn screen on (with swipe function or with phone button)
  3. Select a geocache
  4. Select add new waypoint
  5. To change the coordinates, I select Coordinates (The grid symbol) or the Location Selector
  6. At this moment Locus Pro becomes very slow and appears to be freezing. The only option I have, is to push the Android home button, so that I end up on the lock screen. After entering my pincode, and going to Locus again, Locus is functioning fine: selecting Coordinates or Location Selector immediately pops up the desired window and I can continue to add my waypoint.

To avoid the problem, before opening the "add new waypoint" menu, I push the Android home button and enter my pin code and return to Locus. By doing so, I don't have the freeze when selecting the Coordinates or Location Selector.

Any hint on how to solve this problem is appreciated.

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Good day drxkz,

I've just yesterday wrote answer to exactly same problem on older Locus forum, so here it is:

"I was just trying to simulate it and no success. Anyway you are not the first one who has problems with this feature - "disable lock screen". Main problem here is anyway enormous list of combinations - various lock screens from Google Play, style of lock (slide to unlock, number to unlock, ...), various lock screens by device manufacturer, various lock screens in various custom/stock rom ... eh, crazy. In Locus is used quite common method that should work on most of devices.

Anyway if for someone, who use basic lock screen from manufacturer and has set just slide to unlock (not any other option) and this option still do not work, best is really - don't use it.

If you use any custom lock screen, I may only offer, that I'll try it on own device if you send me link on Google Play."

EDIT: I'm just testing and searching for some options. Generally it seems that such feature (disable keyguard) is not more supported by Android itself. Method that is used in Locus seems not to be too secure and it fails on secured keyguards (keyguards that needs unlock pattern). Anyway I've probably found one issue that should cause above troubles. So try next version and let me know.


Hello Menion,

Thx for your reply.

I forgot to mention that I use on my phone (Sony Xperia Z1 Compact) pin to unlock, I use the default lock screen from Sony.

After your reply I did some additional tests and if I disable screen lock or use the simple slide to unlock, the problem doesn't occur.

However, if I use "pattern to unlock" or "pin to unlock", the problem occurs. As suggested by you, the problem is indeed related to the style of lock.

I'm curious for the next version and will reply with the results.

Could you BTW provide me a link to the related thread on the other Locus forum?

Kind regards,



Hi drxkz,

this is the link:



Hi drxkz,

unfotunately in next version this won't change. As I now know, it is not technically possible to simply create function that will disable keyguard (lock screen) when you need some security mechanism to unlock it. Sorry.


Bummer. :-(

Anyhow thank you for explaining the issue.

As I understand now, I have two possible workarounds: disable lock screen on my phone (which I don't prefer), or use the workaround I've already explained in my opening post: before entering coordinates, click the phone's home button to go to lock screen, enter pin code to unlock and return to Locus.

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