LOCUS PRO software - the soft will be deleted. Do I need to by it again?

Gregory Gora shared this question 3 years ago

A few months ago I've bought my LOCUS PRO version (google shop). Unfortunately, now my Sony Xperia mobile needs to be restored by manufacturer's-service. So, I will lose all "nonSony soft" to be installed on my phone. Dear LOCUS team - do I neeed to buy/pay again for a new PRO software installation?! In other words, is it the PRO-soft an "buy and forget" version or is there any reinstallation option (but I don't know about it)?! Thanks in advance for your response.

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The purchase is bound to you google account, so after a reset you should use the same google account and will find Locus and any other purchase ready to download free of charge.

I went through that numerous times over the years, also with different devices.




Great news!

Tahnk you very much:


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Dear Gregory Gora.

Thank you for your question.

Here you find more information how it works

Also Thank you Michael for your help.

In case of troubles, please contact us.

Kind regards



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