Locus start problems

Michael Peeters shared this problem 18 months ago

Since some weeks it's a pain to start Locus.

There are three different issues

- Initilazing working window hangs at 100%

- Missing internet connection window but WLAN is working

- small notification window missing library, restart locus

At least one of the problems I have always. Most of the time the first two. Sometimes all three.

I used Locus this year very! often. Several times the week but tbese issues are new.

This happens only when Locus starts of course. Not if Locus is still running in background and just gets active.

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I forgot.

I think it starts with the version which introduced new route planner.

It's a Xiaomi Mi5 with LineageOS 15.1.

If I have the the hang I kill Locus and try again. Most likely it' working then.

But see all three issues then restart,see Initialize working window several seconds again is no fun ;}


Good day Michael,

sorry to hear about such troubles, but it will be really complicated to fix it. You use un-official Rom for your device with latest version. In Locus was not made any serious changes that may affect start up process like you describe. Also, if there will be such problems, I should really expect a lot lot more angry users because of this and none like this happen.

So I'm almost sure, it is problem related to your rom. Unfortunately I do not have device with latest Lineage OS rom installed and I really do not want to change official ROM on my Samsung because of this problem. I may only suggest to wait on update of this ROM if it helps. Can't imagine, how may I help here more.

Sorry and thanks for understanding.