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Locus Store unable to login error code: 95 (Nexus 5)

David Benza shared this question 6 years ago


I get "Uknown problem / Error code: 95" everytime I try to login to the Locus Store (see attachment). I tried to re-install the app several times, with no effect.

In fact this problem persist for a couple of months, I hoped that it will solve itself with some future version, but that did not happen.

The problem appears only on my Nexus 5 phone (Android 6.0.1), while My Nexus 7 (same OS) logs in correctly.

What is Error code: 95?

Thanks for your help.


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Good day David,

are you using latest version of Locus Map Pro from Google Play? This is really interesting. Unfortunately we have to wait till Thursday, when colleague Petr returns from a vacation. He take care about our Locus Store, so I'm sure, he will be able to help more.


Hi Menion,

Yes, I use the latest version.

As I recall, the problem first appeared after restoring Locus from a backup ("Back up all") and I could not get rid of it since then.

Until today! :) I've just found a way. I had to:

1. Uninstall Locus

2. Wipe cache partition (in recovery mode)

3. Re-install Locus this particular order. (2, 1, 3 didn't work).

For the moment I suppose the problem being solved for me. I will let you know if it ever reappears.

Thanks for the great work, guys! :)


Good day David,

I'm really glad You found a solution! When you wrote your "crazy" method of solution, this reminds me, that something really similar I read maybe a few years ago.

Hope we will remember this and suggest to other users with possibly same issue next time. Thank you and enjoy Locus!

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