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Locus UI turns Black shared this problem 2 years ago

I reckon this is not feature but a problem: pls see pics: icons in the UI turn black. Just upgraded to latest and I consider myself 'heavy' user of Locus Pro: never seen this before. I reckon need to mention that it also was Track Recording (forgot to stop it). Locus 3.41.0.

Maybe linked or maybe I am blind: when navigating, the navigate icon that normally is shown mid left is disappearing: it is still navigating, but cannot see it any more.

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just a few hours ago reported by balloni on the forum. Thanks, I believe it will be fixed in the next version.

Problem is related to huge changes made on the background of the app: preparation for the "dark theme".

Navigation icon: does this happen only for the destination point or also during navigation? Any idea of how to simulate it?



OK, thanks for quick reply on the black-ish behaviour.

On the Navigation thing: I will try to reproduce and report back HowTo.

Probably occurs when Locus is recalculating route to WP.

The part that disappears is the icon left-mid for the first next navigation step: Go Left in 100m.

I was able to touch screen in that area and window pops up for eg Stop Navigation.

Pls wait for my reply.


Today it happened again, the Navigation icon disappeared: see attached proof. When clicking on the '12' left top then the normal window appeared, second pic.

I was navigating on bike and caused route recalculations often. Screen on, screen off often. And parallel it was pauzed on recording track.


Hello, I think I've found a reason for this problem a few hours after the 3.41.0 version was published.

So in next 3.41.1, hopefully ... thanks.

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