Locus Wear App: cinema mode Screen off

Mike shared this idea 6 years ago
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the sony smartwatch 3 has a cinema mode

doube click on the button an the screen stays off until you click again

this function is not working when the locus wear app is runnnig. the screen goes off and turns on again and shows the map

when i leave the wear app everything is working

is it possible to add thes function to the app

background: the locus wear app needs a lot of battery, so the battery life will be mouch better when it´s possible to deactivate the screen in situations you don´t need it, for exampe on a track without crossing trails.

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Wear for Locus Map should work correctly with both "Always-on screen" setting on and off. Personally I am using Always-on screen off to, as you say, save the battery when you don't need the screen and let it activate only when I look at it.

But I can see how manual control with Theater mode could be useful and I am surprised it is not working, since there is nothing to implement and it should be handled automatically by the OS. It is definitely some kind of quirk in the app that wakes the watch from theater mode somehow, Anyway thanks for reporting this it would be worth to check it out and fix it.

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