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Locus Wear

Luke Galyan shared this question 20 months ago

Small enhancement big change to usability. When using locus wear I would like to be able to display the accuracy of the gps as one of the two stats that can be shown. If marking a point and I am in a canyon it is good to know if i have a satisfactory level of accuracy before marking the point without needing to pull out my phone. Second need is with marking a waypoint from locus wear. When marking a waypoint you are given the option to leave it as it is but are not informed of what the name currently is. I would like to be shown the name locus will use before agreeing to it.

Thanks for your time

Is Locus wear planned to continue future enhancments and would these be options you would consider?


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Hello Luke,

adding GPS accuracy is definitely doable, especially if it should be just in the track recording dashboard and not on some special separate screen (we do plan on adding support for adding waypoints even without track recording directly from watch though) so thanks for the tip, I will try to implement it in one of next updates.

Showing default waypoint name just before adding the point might be a bit trickier even though it seems easy. The naming is fully in control of Locus Map phone app so I would have ask for the next default name manually or override the naming convention by custom logic i.e. the default waypoints added on the watch might be named differently than default waypoints created directly in phone Locus Map. I will think about this if it could be improved but in the meantime you could just name the points directly on the watch if it is important or edit the names later directly in Locus Map.

Anyway thanks for the feedback and tips, they are always welcome!

Best Regards


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