Locus 2.8.0 - Waypoint "datasheet" - Waypoint coordinates ?

Fifi shared this question 7 years ago

Parameters :

1. Locus 2.8.0

2. Select a waypoint

3. Select "Modify"

Result :

1. Can`t see any coordinates displayed in the "datasheet" as with the past version.

2. Can`t edit the waypoint coordinates straight in the "datasheet" as with the past version.

Question :

Is this intentional or a bug ?

If intentional, i admit that i prefer to see at a glance all the datas that could be edited to be displayed in the "datasheet" ...

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This solution is long discussed and prepared update

you have to look on it from view of most people. Usually you don`t care about precise coordinates and in most cases you don`t know coordinates of place into which you want to move edited point.

If so, you may simply tap on "black pen > coordinates".

Coordinates directly in all places (not only edit point, but also some geoaching features etc...) had two main disadvantages.

1. it was confusing for people that usually don`t even know what coordinates are

2. it took too much space

Current solution all all operations as before, only in worst case (if you want directly edit coordinates), it took two clicks more to make it work

I believe this will not have negative impact on usage even in your case


Thank you for the response (still fast ... :-) )

It makes me a little weird not to have this coordinates data displayed in the field of the datasheet like other datas but, i understand the idea ...

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I also have the challenge with this doing (paperless) geocaching and handling aditional waypoints. To show the problem, please try to follow the steps of a simple example:

1. You like to go for a multi cache where the stages have variables in the coordinates (formula). In some cases, the aditional waypoints are only mentioned in the listing text of the cache like N 48° 37.B E 009° 10.618.

B is the jet NOT known variable (the result of a riddle, a question at a stage, counted steps etc.). Lets say later in the field you find out that B=1200/4+(48/6+10).

2. You like to prepare the route at home (or even worse: in the field) and don`t want to write down the data of waypoints or the final at a piece of paper. So you like to store the aditional waypoints with incomplete data (I replace the variables with zero) and write (copy from the listingtext!) the coordinates with variables (formula) in the description of the aditional point.

3. When you are doing the cache, you need to know the "formula" while calculating and putting in the correct values in the coordinates.

Now the challenge: Are you able to keep all information in mind while putting in the correct coordinates?

- formula with variables

- calculated values

- resulting valid coordinates

The method of pasting coordinates from the clipboard only works with complete valid coordinates:

A workarround (or the only way?) is to make notes in the description field of the aditional waypoind (formula, variables, notes, calculations) till you have correct valid coordinates. Then you can copy these and use the clipboard-pasting behind the pencil.

Due to the fact that you do every edit (calculations, sub-steps in riddles etc.) several times, the process in Locus needs many many clicks. Mostly it is more simple to do it on a paper and then type in the coordinates directly.