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berkley shared this idea 6 years ago

I don`t know if this is already planned, but what do you guys think about a "Locus - addon Smartwatch" that can remote control Locus on a Smartphone/Tablet over bluetooth?

Smartwatches have screen sizes around 240x240 pixels and most probably Locus is too huge for these small screens. If your phone is paired with your watch, simply use Locus Intents to start track recording without pulling your phone out of your pocket?

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Hello Matthias,

I have same idea. Result of this is, that already have Sony SmartWatch 2 at home. But after some testing, I found that it take a lot more time to make it work then I expected. So it`s on 100% planned ...


Fine ;)

I`ve succuesully pledged for an Omate TrueSmart Dev Edition

And there is also the Neptune Pine coming up...


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It would be really cool to have an app for a smart watch such as the sony sw2. To use while jogging or hiking, showing the time, avg speed,distance etc.


I think just a very limited scenarios are needed to bring value on SmartWatch. I would prioritize it a next way:

One scenario bringing the most of the value:

1. Show center of the map to allow trekker to navigate

  • the most of the scenarios are solved just by this one
  • I expect the most users to be happy just with this one because it solves also navigation (if it is already active).

Then I would add:

2. Panning the map by swiping to help orientation around

3. Center position as reset of the panning

I personally would really appreciate the next one:

4. Quick add predefined (or voice recognized) point to mark interesting points (for OSM). This would bring the tracking for OSM really into another dimension.

If I would have these function in Locus, I would buy Moto360 just to support navigation while biking and tracking for OSM as well.


To share more thoughts: contrary to Google Maps (where the guided 3D car navigation is the main scenario) I expect most of the trekkers to use the Locus more as a standard map reference when the path is lost or at key intersections.

Therefore I value the displaying of the map (possibly with already active navigation line) more than the navigation itself.


I got running locus pro on samsung galaxy gear. Internet is working via BT, but I am not sucessful to tether GPS. Any idea what could be a problem? I read the tutorial from xda-developers which I followed. When trying to switch BT GPS on locus I get a message "cannot connect to device".


Finally I found a solution to run GPS on Gear.

What has to be done before on Samsung Galaxy Gear (V700) - (details are

available on xda-developers forum including a warning - it is your risk as with

this procedure you may brick your smartwatch!):

1) root the V700 (guarantee is broken then!)

2) with odin flash TWRP null_2.7 to V700

3) flash custom ROM (null_23) to V700

4) make internet connection on V700 to make Google play working and install

and register locus if purchased pro version

5) GPS tethering as described below:

On smartphone (SGS4) apk ShareGPS has to be run as GPS provider and BlueGPS

apk on samsung galaxy gear V700 as GPS receiver/client, tick option start/stop

GPS in BlueGPS and mock location enabled in developers menu of gear. If paired,

in ShareGPS you have to see a message "Connected to Samsung Galaxy

Gear". Before connection in SGS4 you see a status: Bluetooth: listening.

Then just run locus (or other gps based apk) on gear. Works like a charm!

One remark: gear has a screen resolution 320x320

points on 1,6". I would appreciate to have optional small side resizeable

window or cell showing a distance to POI because the distance above/under the

line is sometimes crossed with scale information or cross of the locus. I know

it is there but no option to resize except the line from position to target POI


How locus looks on samsung galaxy gear V700 (gear1)



closing this idea as there has not been any activity for quite a long time. To sum things up:

Add-on for SmartWatch 2 was implemented but no further work is planned for this add-on.

Add-on for Android Wear has been release recently under the name "Wear for Locus Map". Further development and support is planned for this add-on.

A future of possible add-on for Samsung Gear (Tizen OS) devices is still unclear. There is a separate idea for Samsung Gear and is currently collecting votes.