Locus initializes over and over again which takes very long

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I`m using Locus Pro (2.5.3) and recently a new "feature" was added which shows what Locus is doing during startup in a little window.

Entries I frequently see are e.g.:

Automatic backup

Initializing own maps

(something about) track recording

previous status


online maps

My question is: can those points be optionally deactivated? Because I don`t use own maps, I never used track recording (and probably never will) and don`t use online maps.

Also the task "previous status" doesn`t seem to work reliably. I always have a category of POI activated (containing cache-data which I imported with the geocaching live-feature) but on start Locus sometimes "forgets" about the category that was activated the last time, sometimes a wrong category is activated, sometimes none at all. (Unfortunately I can`t reproduce this error, it just happens from time to time - but often enough to be annoying :)

In general I`d like to accelerate the startup process of Locus. Whenever I switch to another app and then back to Locus, it will startup all over again, "initializing" things I don`t think I need. When it also "forgets" my recent POI-category, I spent several minutes just to have a look at the map (which can be quite often when cycling offroad).

I don`t know if this is also possible with Locus but most apps use to save their "state" when you switch to another app and you can return to the exact same screen/setting in no time without the whole app being restarted. If this would be possible, I wouldn`t care about initializing things I don`t need as long as this only happens once.

I really like to use Locus, but when I`m out in a forest geocaching those "forced breaks" when I have to wait for the app to load (again and again) are really a pain.

Kind regards, Dirk

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how are you closing Locus? By back button and in confirmation dialog you press "Close" or by home button?

Because! Locus remember everything when you close and open it (except Map Items on which I`m working right now).

If there is nothing to load at startup, you should also not see this loading dialog. When Locus is loading some points or tracks or initializing some new maps, you should anyway see this dialog during loading.



it doesn`t seem to matter, how I`m closing Locus. When I press the back button, Locus just quits (without confirmation), if I press the home button, the same happens.

One thing I noticed: pressing the home button and then the Locus-icon *immediately* afterwards, Locus will come right back. But if I start another app or two in between, I`m in again for the initializing-procedure.

So I guess it`s just my device that will end Locus because it lacks enough memory to keep it running in the background? (I have a Motorola Milestone which is *old* - in tearms of smartphones - so this could be the reason.)

Kind regards, Dirk



sorry for no repsonse. If you will have any problem in future, feel free to write us and give us second chance. Thank you

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