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locus internal file path ?

jtkorken shared this problem 10 years ago

Today is my day :-)

One thing that really moves me, is the fact, that locus seems to store "absolut" files path for POI photos.

Background: With changing phones from Razr maxx to Samsung note 2, the sdcard device name changed from sdcard to extsdcard. Everything runs fine except the photos in Pois are no longer shown. With copying everything into the respective path on sdcard0 (yes, you read rightly, with an additional "0") showed the photos again, altough locus main directory is on extsdcard.

Although it works now, i am afraid with this behaviour, that the next phone change makes thing even more complicated, besides the fact, that copying full locus from one to another device without loosing functionallity is nearly impossible nowme, with 2 different paths for photos.

So would it be possible to change this? EDIT: to "relative" path I assume!

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I hope this problem is now completely solved (in latest 2.20.0).

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