Locus know how to do geocaching ? Not really

Jan Prejzek shared this question 10 years ago

Hello, i am little bit disapointed after buy full version. I didnt find any option for live cache downloading, when i am unxepectely somewhere outside :-( .There are some apps (free) and they can do this .. where is the problem ?. And what is another disapointment for me ?. Application always teling me, there is no created pocket query, when i got three of them on website. Sorry, but i expect more .. :(

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Hi Jan

- live cache download: use free addon geocaching4locus, which can display a live map, also downloads geocaches around a given point.

- pocket query download: there is a known issue with that, probably a problem with the geocaching live API. Log off and log on again, this helped me (and others) to solve this.

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