Locus maps on SD-card in Android 3.2 (Samsung Galaxy 7 plus

Ron Luijben shared this question 8 years ago

I have a Samsung 7.0 plus tab with Android 3.2

after installation I can not find de locusmaps on my SD card

(not within the tab - not with windows explorer - not with Kies)

So I can not find my tracks back or import xlm files or themes

Who knows a solution


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Hello Ron,

are you using any file manager like Total commander, Astro or other? If so, please try to use search feature of such tool to find Locus directory. It have to be! in root of you SD card or device internal memory

also if you for example export any track, you should see small dialog that display absolute path to this track, so this may help also


(1) you have to run Locus once to create the directories

(2) do a search for your Locus directory

(3) if you don`t find any... get the map tweak. in second step it shows you the absolute file path


Hi Ron,

I use a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. It seems to have the same system than the Galaxy Tab Plus 7.

These tablets are built with a 16 GB internal SD card (/mnt/sdcard) .

Off course, you have the ability to add your own external SD card (/mnt/extSdCard) . That`s what i`ve done with a 32 GB SD card.

With any file manager, you can find the Locus folder installed by default into the external SD card at this location :


@Menion :

It seems that Locus is installed by default on the external card and it is much better because it is more secure. But of all the applications I have on this tablet, it is the only one with Titatium Backup and camera, which stores its data on the external card.

Off, the android samsung OS does not give the user the possibility to choose between the internal sd card (/mnt/sdcard) and external sd card (/mnt/extSdCard) to store its data as App2SD does on an usual smartphone between the internal RAM and the SD card with an Android OS > 2.2, for example (and even installing App2SD or equivalent on the Galaxy Tab, it is unfortunately impossible) .

So please, if possible, could you ensure that Locus continues to install on external SD card by default ?

Thank you in advance !

Kind regards,