Locus nearly unusable after upgrade to ICS

myneur shared this problem 8 years ago
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After an upgrade to ICS (Xperia Active), loading of Locus freezes serveral times and it is nearly impossible to download a new map for offline because it freezes again and again with a very little progress.

It might be because of changes in ICS (moving SQL handling out of native layer )

But the result is I would strongly discourage anybody from upgrading to ICS right now.

Is there any solution here except for downgrading back to Gingerbread?

Thanks, m

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.. to add at least some details: the problem is just when locus re-inicializing the maps on startup (that white window walking through all the offline maps at the start).

This does not happen every start.


Hi Myneur,

may I ask you for the crash log? It can help us for quick solve of the problem. How to create crash log you find here

Thank you in advance



my way:

deinstall locus

rename the dir ../locus to öld_locus


install locus new

check this new version

move your maps,... from old_locus to your new installed version


Hi, after couple of days testing it seams to be rather a problem of just ICS - I can`t simulate tha same crashes to make a log. But another applications (Google Maps, Streetview) crashed in similar way.

If I encounter this behaviour of Locus agiain, I`ll put here a log, but for this time it seams these are problems of ICS not related to Locus.:/

Sorry for reporting too early...


no problem. In case of troubles, feel free to continue in this topic