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Locus Shop / Google Payment Issue

jtkorken shared this problem 9 years ago
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When forwarded from Locus Shop to Google Play, no way to choose between different Google account. I have 2 active on my phone, unfortunately in the described situation, the Non-Default one is selected, with no payment option behind. Now I`m stuck.

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hmm as I know, there is no way to do this by methods provided for developers. At least as I know. Firstly, did you tried to simply select account in Google Play application and then try to purchase something in Locus?


Ok, I checked a little deeper. Here is my setup and what I observed:


- I have 2 Google-Account active on my phone

- the one I use to have my Credit Card (let name it "LOCUS") on is SECOND in the Google Play Store list under "Accounts/Konten in German". The first one lets name NOMONEY.


- before I started Locus, I deliberately made sure, that account LOCUS in Play Store is the default one (which is my standard anyways)

- then started Locus, went into Locus Store, select to by some credits (2GB) for Vector Map, this eventually then leads me to the Play Store...

- ...asking me to setup a payment methode for NOMONEY

- instead of picking my "default" LOCUS-Account

- even "worse" after I canceled all operations (because I do not want to activate a payment option for this account), from that moment on, the NOMONEY Google-Account has become the default one in Google Play.

This allready confused me a few weeks ago, because I was looking for my whish list, not being there (obviously after i fideled with Locus Shop :-)). Now I know why.

Hope this sheds some light on the problem, because I really liked to check on the new vector maps styles ...


Are you still on it? Im still facing the same issues with GooglePlay.


hello jtkorken,

sorry for a no response. With latest changes in Locus Store and also in Google Play app, I believe problem is already solved right? Choose of account should be done directly in Google Play application.

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