LocusMap and Xiaomi MI A1 ( Android One )

Libor Poutnik Striz shared this question 2 years ago

I am considering to buy the Xiaomi MI A1 phone ( Android One on Xiaomi Redmi 5X HW, pure Android without MIUi) as the successor of my old Sony Xperia M Dual.

As I have read some issues about Xiaomi phones compatibility with LocusMap ( resp. its installation ) and some GPS issues, I would like to know if any LocusMap user has any experience with the phone - to avoid troubles.

The background is , I want to prevent disappointments I had with my previous phones and GPS. Before the Sony I had Nokia E52/Symbian, where my favourite java GPS applications caused slowing and freezing system in 3-4 hours. My Sony struggles with GPS hardware(reportedly frequent problem), so GPS lock is regularly lost within a minute after otherwise fast locking(even with the device ON and Locus on foreground), needing GPS restart or even system restart, so usable for one time orientation, but not usable for navigation. ( Unless being charged, this seems to usually prevent this )

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the only issue with Xiaomi phones over recent years was caused by aggressive battery optimization of MIUI. With a help from many Xiaomi users we put together a series of measures preventing this unwanted effect of optimization as can be seen here:

No lagging or extensive battery cosumption on Xiaomi phones running Locus Map have been reported.

All the same, no bug reports from Xiaomi A1 devices yet so we'll have to wait.