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LocusMap Pro crashes when Brouter is launched from the side panel.

Libor Poutnik Striz shared this problem 20 months ago

LocusMap Pro 3.35.0 release crashes when Brouter is being launched via its application link icon on the side panel. The same happens for the latest Beta.

It is not my original finding , I have just confirmed it, as it was reported on the BRouter Google Group.

There was a suspition it has to do something with SD card Locus vs Brouter mutual access rights, but I do not have any SD card installed.

Launching Brouter via routing API or from the route planner works fine. So does work the standalone launching of BRouter from Android.

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problem is known and fixed.


I see. I did make a search, but from a phone it is not handy and i have missed it somehow. sorry.

The new update fixed it.

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