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LoMap map element display error bug

Arpad Orfi shared this problem 4 years ago
Not a Problem

Hello Menion,

I have a problem with displaying the “Bachledka Chodník korunami stromov” on the Slovakia LoMap vector map.

You may ask what version, how old LoMap do I have.

But the point is:

This same LoMap 1-2 times already displayed the treetop walk on the map.

Then the treetop walk disappeared from the map upon panning and zooming out/in. Or maybe after restarting Locus, I’m not sure.

So, the same map once displayed it, then at another time it can’t be seen.

(I’ve tried the various map themes to no avail.)

What might be the problem?

What should I try?

Delete the cache? What cache? Are there several caches / temporary folders/files that I should try to delete?

Please give me instructions on what to do to see again that treetop walk – or to be more general: to avoid this kind of displaying errors.

I deem this a bug.



P.s.: Ihad to edit this text, because copy/pasting it from Microsoft Word, this webinterface deleted some spaces, so some words got merged into one word.

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Dear Arpad,

I tested the latest Slovakia LoMaps and this treewalk is shown with default Hike & Bike theme. Please switch the theme to the mentioned Hike & Bike theme and check it.

Thanks, Petr



I’vepurchased and downloaded the latest Slovakia LoMap.

Now thetreetop walk can be seen on the map – so this was the reason: not up-to-dateLoMap.

Butplease, tell me: in this case, how is it possible that on my outdated 2 yearsold LoMap I was able to see that treetop walk at some point?

¿Uponpanning and zooming these LoMaps, does Locus sometimes quickly download partsof the map from the internet?


Also, pleasetell me what is the reason for this web service deleting some spaces from thetext - see above.

Even ifI paste plain text, without any formatting, and I even use the rubber icon toremove formatting, this useresponse service deletes some spaces.

Are you awareof this bogus behavior?

Have younotified the UseResponse company?


Well I think that it wasn't possible because the mentioned path was added a year ago into the map. So your older map can not display it (map simply didn't contain the data) . Offline LoMap does not download any part or update from internet - you need to update whole map via Locus Store. I'm sorry I don't have any explanation for you.

Regarding text formatting - I don't have any info about such behavior. Basically we write down text directly into text area. My browser has also feature "paste as plain text". I expect that system remove some special not supported formatting.

Thanks, Petr

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