LoMaps doesn't show areas as POI

AntMadeira shared this question 20 months ago

Hi there.

In OSM, POI can be extracted from points or areas. LoMaps only seems to show POI from points. If this is correct, it's a big problem.

For example, when driving, I would like to see all gas stations, but I only see those who are mapped as points. All the gas stations mapped as areas don't appear on the map.

If I go to the LoPOints function and search for gas stations, POI appear even on the areas, so it seems like a problem with the map rendering.

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thank you for the post. You're right some amenities were shown only for Point elements. We'll fix it in the next version of LoMaps. There is a workaround using LoPoints database. Please open Menu > More functions > LoPoints > Car services > Gas station and display nearest gas station

Thank you

BR Petr


Hi, Petr.

I talk about that workaround in my message above, but that's only good for areas, not for someone who's driving along a 300 km road.

Anyway, good to know this was an issue and Locus team is working on it. ;)



Ahh, you're right, I didn't read carefully your last sentence and I can understand your situation.

Thanks, Petr

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