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I was encoutered with this several times and now again. We're going to Dolomites. I quite enjoy Locus even for car navigation - it saves space and I'm familiar with the application. But it means to download and switch between:

1. LoMap of Czech rep.

2. LoMap of Germany (Bavaria)

3. LoMap of Austria

4. LoMap of whole Italy (more than 1GB)

The result is that I won't use vector LoMaps in Dolomites. The simplest solution would be offering north Italy regions separately beside whole Italy map (as you did with Germany). But it still means to download three or four (Switzerland) maps and switch between them.

The idea: Locus is outdoor application, so you can offer "outdoor" map areas! I'd appreciate if I can download map of whole Alps without need to solve which countries I'm gonna to visit. (well, in fact I'd appreciate two maps - eastern "Austrian" and western "French" overlapping in the area of Mt. Blanc - TMB should be on both).

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An alternative is to use the 3rd party Mapsforge/Locus compatible vector maps from OpenAndroMaps

where you can download the map for Alps ( Whole , East or West ). They are free, updated typically on monthly bases.

Together with OAM maps is highly recommended Elevate theme ( hiking / cycling / city mode ) written for OAM maps. they are usable for LoMaps as well, and very useful for mountain/alpine hiking.. It e.g. displays the alpine difficulty SAC scale via patterns of the mountain trails.

The theme legend is either on the theme webpage , either in downloadable PDF


Very cool. I just tried and I'm quite satisfied. Thanks for the tip.

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