Looking for elevation data for offline use

John Campbell shared this question 9 years ago

I can`t find some elevation data required by LocusPro in (for example) http://mirror.ufs.ac.za/datasets/SRTM... or elsewhere.

In particular, LocusPro tells me I am missing N52W000.hgt which is needed to fill the elevation for some POIs and tracks.

I wondered if N52E000.hgt the same as N52W000.hgt - can anyone help? If so, would renaming it work?

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Hello John,

Thank you for topic and I`m sorry for problems. There was a bug in Locus that we found out yesterday :-)

Mentioned bug is solved and will be fixed in new version.

At this moment there is quick workaround: renaming N52E000.hgt file to N52W000.hgt and place this file to dir Locus/data/srtm

This is only temporary solution - everything will be OK in new version.

Please note: N52W000.hgt is nonsense. This file cannot exist (based on naming convention of SRTM data).

Regards Petr

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