LoPoints: Radius of where to search/display POIs

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A good idea what be the possibility to define a radius where to search and display POIs. For example for the follwing user case: Search and display each restaurant within a radius of 1 km.

Right now 100 restaurants of any distance are found and displayed. That is a) needlessly cluttering up the map and b) displaying unrelevant results, eg. a restaurant that is 20 Km away.

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I support it, but: POI need so much more love. Like multiselection of categories in LoPoints. Or calling the LoPoint window from a track and allowing for finding POI along a track.

Also some more automatic mechanisms, currently POI are a very manual thing.



LoPoint only:

Show only the LoPoints that are selected for display in category.

Points and geocache:

1. If eye deactivated in points --- then do not display anything

2. If eye activated in points - then display

3. If eye is activated in points and limit defined --- then display points in the limited area.


1. by radius from current location (other locations may be selectable)

2. By distance along the selected track.

3. Current visible map content.

Similar topic but along the trail: https://help.locusmap.eu/topic/show-nearest-points-along-current-navigation-track

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