Geocaching guidance panel on main screen (GUI improvement)

Locke shared this idea 6 years ago
Gathering feedback

Hello Locus Map team,

I would like to suggest the following changes to the mainscreen due to a better usability in my humbling opinion (please refer to the screenshot I attached to this post):

1. Please show the size of the actual geocache container navigating to.

2. Please let the user choose the transparency from the info panel in the settings as one like (I will set it to 95% black because there is no need to see through for me). I suggest this due to my 3rd suggestion: the readability of the small stars.

3. Please increase the star size to the height of the D/T icons in front of them for much better readability.

Just my 2 cents.

Thanks for reading my suggestions!

Best regards,


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Hi Locke,

I do not see any Screenshot.

I know the "problem" with the missing container size. On one of my devices I see it and on the other one not. This depends on the screen resolution!

I agree the star readability. Usually I do not see them but my problem is the contrast of the color.

Maybe the following idea would fix both "problems":

Change D/T to Numbers instead of stars and add Container Size as Letter (M/S/R/L/O) then there would be no difference on lower screen resolution.

Just my 2 cents!



Hi Wolfgang,

hm, I was sure to have attached it. Now it is attached to this posting.

Your suggestion is quite useful, too: change D/T to numbers and container size as letters. The contrast should be as good as the geocache name or the distance as seen at the top in my screenshot.

Best regards,


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