Make "center map to current GPS position" quicker by offering it as dashboard button

Georg D shared this idea 7 years ago
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Showing the bottom bar is mostly required to center map to

current GPS position. I'd like to do that without showing the bottom

bar (which is hidden after a few seconds), so via dashboard. In Dashboard Editor, please add "Current GPS

position" as source in "Various" (like "start track record" button).

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During each hike of last week I was longing for that feature. I often moved the map, e.g. to decide which way of a crossing to choose, check OSM data, see how far something is, ... and then wanted to return to current GPS position. It's my only reason to use the bottom icon bar; I would prefer to use this space for the map.


Hi, I have the same problems.

I think it is a good idea to have an additional "Current GPS Position" button or it is possible to move the GPS button in the bottom bar to the right for example.

I am a right-handed person and I always have to spread my finger over the cell phone if I want to center the map ;-)

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