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Magnus Bergman shared this idea 7 years ago
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There are several ways to collect depth data through various wifi devices like Deeper, sonar phone, Raymarine and more.

My idea is to collect the depth data from these sources and combine them with position data and make a small version sea chart for small lakes.

In some cases there might be position data included together with depth data in NMEA protocol.

Use these data to make a depthchart over your lake.

A manual way there I crunch the depth to gps position on a slow drift over a area would be nice to.

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It would be nice to the ability to import home made charts from Humminbird, Lowrance and Raymarine and all the other makes chart plotter and fishfinders.


Good day Margnus,

it is important to keep in mind, that Locus is focused on hike & bike activities mainly. What you request is really specialized feature. Number of votes may convince me, that more then just one users wants this feature anyway.

About ability to import other charts ... if they may be exported to image (png, jpg), you may try to use "On board calibrator" in menu > more, and create from these images regular maps.


Hi Menion,


we put it this way there is NO application for android that can do


I believe that many sport fisher would be happy to use a feature like

this, don't have to drag a heavy 12 volt battery and the bulky combo

instrument to the canoe or the boat by the lake that has no road


Instead a small fish finder transducer with wifi access and a tablet or smart

phone and you are in the game, might need a 10000mAh power bank to.

The applications that are available can only provide just now data, and

it's not possible to save for later use.

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