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Andrew Heard shared this idea 7 years ago
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In a 970MB map download there were quite a number of times (5?) when I checked progress to find the download suspended with this notification center error:


I had to continually check progress over the few hours. If I had left the download to occur overnight I would have found in the morning that it was suspended - waste of time. Fortunately each time I was able to resume the transfer. To credit of Locus it is clear the process is already robust, but could it be improved further - when an "unexpected problem" occurs, still display this error but additionally continually retry with 10s pauses instead of waiting for human intervention to resume.

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Good day Andrew,

hmm and isn't better to download 1 GB huge map on some more stable and mainly faster internet wi-fi connection?

Weird error btw.

Some "auto-retry" logic is of course possible, but I still hope that such problems are quite rare. If more users has such issues, please vote here so I know and have a reason to improve this. Thanks


~970MB = Italy map, so probably no more or less than an average download size for many users.

5 errors = maybe 1 in 30..45 minutes.

Internet connection = home = wifi.

Faster connection --> move house? No, the connection is good enough. PC web page errors (timeouts) are quite rare.

I then bought ~470MB Switzerland map and no further download errors.

"auto-retry" would be equivalent to Locus tapping the button below:


I couldn't find any useful reference to "SSL 0xaeeb5400 IO error".

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