Make "Height above Ground" available in Dashboard and Track Diagram

Shuhhi shared this idea 3 years ago
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I am aware that Locus is focusing on hiking and biking, and while I am using it for that purpose mainly I came across a feature that I missed recently:

From time to time I go for balooning, where I also use Locus, but from Locus I cannot determine the height above ground level (at least not in real time). I can move the cursor around the map to see the DEM height/altitude, and I can see the barometric or GPS height in the dashboard, but there is no difference value (=height above ground).

What I am kindly suggesting is:

  • make this difference available as numerical value in a dashboard field
  • make this difference available in the diagram (track statistics), in addition to height, speed,...
  • make this difference available in the track recording panel, as is height ,...

Nobody not interrested in this will be bothered as the appearance has to be configured.

Of course a function like this must not be a replacement for using one's brain during balooning (or gliding,...), but I would see it as nice feature anyway.

Thanks for thinking about,


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API doesn't allow this either, threre is only a single altitude value available. Would be nice to get the SRTM height over API to give at least a possibility to use addons for such an usecase.

I guess this would be a PRO feature because of SRTM.

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