Make profile for estimated travel time choosable

Lucas Heiss shared this idea 5 years ago
Gathering feedback

While planning a tour I use the functionality for estimating travel time (screenshot 1). I know which of the provided profiles suit my average speed best. This works fine but not "on the fly" while planning – it is "hidden" in the context menu.

On the other hand, the time displayed at the bottom of the screen (screenshot 2) depends on my personal speed during the last hour, as Michal describes here: The problem with this is, when I used Locus to navigate in a city during the last hour and now I am planning a tour in hilly environment with more baggage, the estimation will be inadequate (compare estimated times of one vs. two hours in screenshot 1).

A possible solution for the displayed time in the bottom line would be to let the user choose the used calculation profile out of the provided profiles by clicking the time in the bottom line.

Best, Lucas

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