Manual rotating and auto-rotating map

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I've had "manual rotation" on the map turned off for a while because I thought it disturbs zooming and measurement, and because it automatically turns off autorotation, even though I really just mean zooming / measuring.

Now I have switched the function on again, because I initially think this is a nice feature.

Then I discovered a problem when autorotation is complete turned off (so the map is orientated to the north). If I then press two fingers in the map (for example, to measure distance, zoom or rotate), the map automatically rotates to compass orientation before I twist my fingers. As a result, if I measure distance, suddenly the map is in a completely different direction than the pink line I get when measuring.

Another thing is that when measuring distance, autorotation is almost always switched off. Could you make a delay so rotation does not start until you have twisted your fingers above a threshold? For example, you have to twist your fingers 20 degrees before map rotation occurs. (If you only want to rotate 10 degrees, twist the fingers too much at first and turn back to the desired orientation).

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Maybe I should put this under the "Problems" tab instead.



I push this item up.

When simple multi-touch is off, it is still a problem that Locus rotates the map to compass immediately when using two fingers, before rotation or measuring begins. I think this is a bug.

I also want you to consider a latency before "manual" rotation/panning begin, so we can do some measuring or zoom without rotate the map, (which turn off the atuo-rotation).

If you do not like my suggestion in the post over (manuel rotation begins when the finger-twisting is above a certain treshold), then other solutions may be that manual rotation only occurs when the map does not rotate after compass (in bottom panel). Thus, manual rotation should not turn off auto-rotation. I think that might be a good solution for not rotating for normal zoom or easy measurement of distance. As the app works now, I need to have simple-touch enabled, and I think it's a bit boring.

Sorry for my bad english. Hope you understand what I mean.


Good day,

during few weeks I've already few times opened this task and after a while, close it, because I wasn't able to figure out some useful result/solution. Situation not changed, but let's try to solve it somehow.

Firstly about event that trigger rotation ... in app is currently defined minimal rotation of 30° before manual rotation get enabled! You may notice that manual rotation does not start immediately.

I'm trying to be close in this behavior to common map app > Google Maps. Here manual rotation starts immediately, but a difference I see now is that when user is already "pinch-zooming", rotation does not start. This make sense and should be improved in Locus (next version).

About enabling manual rotation when auto-rotation is enabled: I believe it may be useful in some cases, but understand that it may be unwanted change in many cases. So let's try to make it harder. Currently, it is needed to rotate for more then 30° as I mentioned before, so let's try to set minimal value to 45° in case, auto-rotation is currently active.


Hi, thanks for trying to look at this.

Now I tried again and it seems that sometimes the app is waiting to rotate until it's gone over 30 degrees, but usually the rotation starts immediately. After some testing, I now suspect that if the phone is orientated in other directions than the north, the auto-rotation will turn off immediately. (Then the change is over 30 degrees already, before starting to twist your fingers). If the phone is in the north direction then the autorotation turns off first after 30 degrees.

That's not supposed to be like that? I think this is the reason that if I want to measure distance, when the autorotation is off (and I stand in a direction other than north), the map will automatically rotate immediately.

Another thing I've observed:

If auto-rotation is off, the map will be completely fixed until you twist your fingers more than 30 degrees. But when autorotation is on, the map will begin to rotate immediately when using two fingers, but after a short while it will fall back to autorotation, if 30 degrees not had been exceeded. I think it would be better if the map is fixed the first 30 degrees and begin to rotate after that in both cases.

I think by the way 30 degrees is sufficient, 45 gets too much.

Finally: If you override the rotation (after 30 degrees finger-twisting) and the auto-rotation is turned off, the button in the lower panel should also show this (be disabled)?

This became a little complicated to explain, especially because English is not my native language. But I hope I've explained enough to you to understand what I mean. It's fine if this could be improved, because the way the app works now, I've had to use "simple multi-touch".



please wait on next version ( or next Beta version ). I found out few smaller problems and generally manual rotation should be really improved. Thanks for now.


Now I've tested the beta version. It works very well!

The only thing I discovered is that if the map is fixed to the north and you rotate over 30 degrees, the map jumps to compass direction before rotating further (instead of rotating from the north position, which had been more intuitive).

I can definitely live this, as it does not happen immediately (as it was earlier) but only after rotating 30 degrees "on purpose".

So I'm very pleased (as I've always been with the Locus app)

Thank you!