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fefrivold shared this idea 5 years ago
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It is possible to rotate the map manually by using two fingers. This is great in some contexts, and quite annoying in others (Because it turns off auto rotation when you only mean to zoom in or out).

It is fortunately possible to turn this feature off with the "simple multi touch" setting. Unfortunately, this setting is not ease available (far in the menu). I wish a shorcut to this on the lower menupanel, where the other rotational possibilities are. That way they will be easily accessible. For example, by three choices:

1. rotation

2. view

3. manual (two fingers)

It would also have been nice if this could have been stored in the presets, because the use of this depends on whether you are at home and browsing the map, or navigate in nature.

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2 fingers are already used for measuring. One could make the function on 3 fingers. Then you do not need to switch on / change / off.


Hi good day.

The idea of using three fingers is good to be able to manually rotate the map. But I think Locus as soon as it detects that the map was manually rotated, it should show an "icon" (either a minimalist compass with a north, an arrow or whatever) that indicates the north and that besides touching it, disable the Manual rotation returning to the previous state, either automatic rotation or north always up.



Good idea!

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