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AntMadeira shared this idea 2 years ago

Hi there.

Following this topic, I would like to throw the idea of allowing to change the layout of the Side Map List:


It would be great if we had an option to tell how many (if any) recent offline maps we want to show on the maps list. Or even a timer to show the most recent ones? (For example, a recent offline map checked more than X days ago would disappear from that list)

In addition, I also would like to see the online list more tidier vertically.


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Good day AntMadeira,

thanks for your idea. Number of visible items is already possible over config.cfg file anyway since next version, this version will be available in "Expert menu".

Using "time of the last usage" for sorting is an interesting idea. Current only distance and coverage are used as these may mostly affect the offer of an optimal map. Because visible content in the quick map switch changed a lot since new 3.38, I would rather stay with the current new solution for some time, thanks.


Thank you for your input, Menion.

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