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Thaler Mario shared this problem 6 months ago
Not a Problem

There is a nacigation and routing problem with the Lokusmap "Bayern". Locus cant find right track because oof an unexact drawed bridge. Position:

N 47°43'57.084'' ,

E 012°52'11.724''

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Dear Mario,

I'm sorry for troubles. Please create new OSM note to report wrong or missing map elements:

  • Open Menu > More > OpenStreetMaps Notes
  • In section Report Note set the location to the area with wrong elements and write some info about problem into description
  • finally report it

More about OSM Notes

Thanks, Petr


Hi Mario,

I had a look at the bridge (name: “Nonner Steg”) in OpenStreetMap, for me it looks fine – no obvious error in the map. However, the bridge is for pedestrians only. Depending on the routing service and the chosen profile, crossing of the bridge is avoided. For example, I tried graphhopper routing service with its standard bicycle profile and it will always guide you over the “Kretabrücke” instead of using the “Nonner Steg”. With BRouter as routing service, you will see that “Nonner Steg” is used (crossing the bridge is penalized, but not forbidden).

Best wishes,



Ahh, thank you for detailed info.