Map rotation not working after upgrate to 3.3.1

dewayne hasty shared this problem 7 years ago

After upgrading to 3.3.1 map rotation doesn't seem to work. For example if I turn to the right then I want the map to rotate to the right..thus my direction of travel is always up on the map screen.

Has anyone else reported this?

btw, awesome app!!!

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would you please check that rotation is enabled and HW compass is turned on?

Rotation can be enabled by button [8] - see

HW compass: open Menu > Settings > Sensors >Use hardware compass

Please see also similar issue on HTC M8


I did have the rotation button on.

What fixed the issue is I have to have Auto Change button checked and/or Use Hardware Compass button checked. If both of those buttons are unchecked then the map doesn't rotate.

I thought there was a button to use the compass heading from the GPS instead of Hardware compass. The hardware compass use to cause the map to be a bit crazy about rotating.

What works well now is to turn hardware compass unchecked and auto change checked.

Thanks. And thanks for a great app!


If you turned off the HW compass Locus use for rotation data from GPS. Of course rotation has to be enabled and also rotation using GPS is available only during your movement.

Locus has build-in filter to make rotation using HW compass more smoother: Menu > Settings > Sensors > Orientation filter

For more info:


Hello guys,

unfortunately I was on a small vacation so my answer has a delay.

Reported issue by @dewayne is correct! In current stable 3.3.1 version is issue, that cause that rotation of map by GPS do not work correctly!! Issue will be fixed in next Locus version 3.4.0 next week.

Sorry for a troubles.

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