'Map Themes' default subpage on second touch

Антон shared this problem 3 years ago
Not a Problem

I use MAP THEMES tab to select theme. When I click on selected theme I see elements on it with checkboxes "food and drink", "accomodation", etc.. Then I close and reopen this tab I also see elements for theme but not theme list. I think this is a bug.

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Good day,

I have to say that this is an intent, not a bug.

It may depend on how you use map themes, but we consider that users has one favorite theme and they use it. What may be useful is enabling/disabling certain content within a theme itself.

In case of default internal themes for LoMaps, offer of options is not so big, but many themes created by users or for example OpenAndroMap themes, offer a lot more options, so there is even more expected that user use a single theme and just change it's content on this second subpage.

Anyway as well as many things, this is on discussion. Because this system exists in Locus Map for a quite a long time and your bugreport is first complain I read, I consider current system as useful for most of users ( or they don't care ).

Thanks for understanding.