Map/track & altitude profile: SLOPE IN PERCENTAGE at each point you click for (splitted screen)

Beat Zuerler shared this idea 16 months ago
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For us trekkers and especially bikers it would be very useful to have the possibility to see the percentage of slope at each point of a track I click at:

Osmand offers this possibility since months with using two screence at once ("splitted screen"):


At each point I click I can see the percentage/ slope - aswell it shows me that point simultaneously at the altitude diagram and on the track above in the map.

Locus just shows this:


It would be an absolutely great help to see here aswell the percentage/slope at each point I choose and click at.

Locus wanted to implement this since ages but nothing happened...

I really hope that with the change to Locus 4.0 the developers will include this feature! I would be so thankful!

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If it is done, you have to pay a abo for Locus 4.0, and then you will perhaps go on using Osmand. ;-)


Youre talking about Route planner. I agree and I add: Slope at current point of navigation is definitely a value which could be offered for dashboards. Then, the diagram needs more love. Colors, contrast. Especially the green graph which shows the slope is hard to see as a dashboard item.