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Евгений Прокопенко shared this question 5 years ago

Good day!

After the adding of the new features quickly measuring distances on a map with two fingers, I noticed that if at the same time move the fingers the map scale changes. Can I disable map zoom by two fingers? I would like to be able to manage the scale only with + or - buttons.

Sorry for my bad English.


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Good day,

whole this "quick measure" feature was made just as a quick additional feature that should be used from time to time without complicating life in other situations. And this is what I believe, it is doing now. It appear automatically and hide automatically without need for some other actions. It also do not cause any troubles with other, already existing functionality, like "pinch zoom".

In latest version, result of this "quick measure" remains on screen a little longer, so there will be time to read and check it's results. If you need more stable and precise method, please use "Add new route" function. Thanks for understanding.

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