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Lukáš Cerman shared this problem 9 years ago

When I try to download of Bulgarian Rhodopes, it offers me to get it from the Locus Store, however, I cannot find it in the store. The ordinary download is limited by 500tiles a day, i.e, not downloadable at a decent scale... so getting it from the store would be a reasonable option.

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I'm sorry but we're little bit limited in this situation. The list of available maps depends on our cooperation with provider of maps. At this moment we need to negotiate the requirements for German and France offline maps and then we'll focus on the rest of European states. However if you need offline map for Bulgaria - I can suggest to download Bulgarian Locus offline vector maps from store. The vector map is created from the same data as




thank you for a quick response and explanation. I may have look at the vector map, however, I have downloaded the MTB Europe map in the meantime and I am quite happy with that, I think it is also created from the same data.

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