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Good day,

I want to download map tiles using the "Map manager -> Download" option. My idea is to download tiles from an online map provider into one SQL file that can be used for both online and offline viewing. I want to start small with only the data and zoom level I need, and add to it later as I need more.

What exactly would my steps be to achieve this? I understand that I must first select a map provider under "Online" and then the area I wish to download, but how must I proceed from here?

Thank you

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Here`s a good place to start-

If that doesn`t work for you, check back on and someone will be glad to help.


Thank you for the reply. Am I correct in saying that I must use the "External map (SQL type) " type?


If i`m reading your initial post correctly, you want the first choice; "Online shared map". The cached tiles in an "Online" map can still be viewed even when off-line. If you have an internet connection, and you go off the edge of the map, Locus will automatically download additional tiles. Or if there are holes (missing tiles), locus will also download those, so an "On-line" map is "self-repairing".

Hope this helps.

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